Tinley Creek RC flying club - South Chicago Suburbs

Tinley Creek Remote Control
Flying Club

Est 2019 Matesson, Illinois

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At TCRC we welcome RC pilots of all experience levels. We enjoy sharing our enthusiasm for flying with others, as well as assisting them in getting started in the hobby. If you want to learn how to fly RC Airplanes, Helicopters, or drones we can help.


We organize yearly Fun Fly’s, BBQs, and monthly club meetings where members may participate in educational demonstrations on a range of topics related to RC flying.

If you’re looking for a local RC flying club that is friendly and welcoming, look no further than the Tinley Creek RC Flying Club!

Our RC Flying Field

The Tinley Creek RC flying field, located in Matteson, IL  is kept in great shape, and we have separate areas for helicopters, planes, drones, and control line flying. The aircraft runway is 300′ long by 20′  wide, with numerous pilot stations and plane stands in the pits. Nature calls? There are two porta-potties on site.



Our club is dedicated to giving back to the club and community. We have low fees, only $35 a year required. You get free food at all events. All club money is reinvested in the club’s growth. Always.

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The TCRC Team

TCRC is managed by a dedicated group of flying enthusiasts with decades of combined experience in the RC hobby. 

Mike Zubick TCRC President

Mike Zubik


The president is in charge of all club activities, and he or she presides over all meetings. The president also follows the board’s policies as established by the Board of Directors and speaks for the club on all issues pertaining to the club.

Gary Porter VP TCRC

Gary Porter

Vice president

In the event of the president’s absence, the vice president shall preside over all club meetings in his stead, and if the president is unable to carry out his responsibilities for any length of time, the vice president will act in his stead.

Dale Bock - TCRC - Treasurer

Dale Bock


The treasurer is in charge of keeping track of all money owed, received, and spent by the club. He should also be concerned with all financial issues, such as paying for services or goods acquired using club funds. A monthly financial statement must be published in the newsletter. All club funds must be kept in a bank account.

Craig Croizer Secretary

Craig Crozier


The secretary shall maintain a record of all scheduled club and special board meetings, as well as attend to all routine club correspondence and the notifying of all members about the regular club activities and meetings. The custodian of all club records will be the secretary.
Dennis-Safety Officer - TCRC

Dennis Sachaschik

Safety Officer

Keep notes on accidents and incidents that may affect club activities, give regular safety reports to the organization, and as needed, recommend modifications in club rules and procedures to make members and visitors safer.

Frank Cook and contest director tcrc flying club

Frank Trupes 👨‍🍳

Safety Officer | Cook

Contest Directors (also called CDs) learn about event safety and about conducting official AMA contests, sometimes referred to as AMA Rulebook Contests to ensure the competition is fun, safe, and fair. Frank is also our grill master and does all the cooking at events.

George - Membership Director TCRC

George Nichols

Membershp Director | contest director | flight instructor

George - Membership Director TCRC

George Nichols

Flight instructor

George is a friendly and experienced pilot who loves teaching new pilots how to fly. He has many responsibilities, including being the membership director and contest director, but his favorite is teaching new pilots. He is an excellent instructor and enjoys teaching new pilots how to fly.

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