Tinley Creek RC flying club - South Chicago Suburbs

Tinley Creek Remote Control Flying Club

‘We Fly It All’ in Matteson, Illinois. Become a Part of Our RC Flying Community!

Discover the excitement of RC flying at Tinley Creek RC Flying Club in Matteson, Illinois! 

We offer free, no-obligation training for those eager to learn, allowing you to experience the thrill of flight firsthand at no cost to you.

Looking to fly RC helicopters in the Southland region?  We support beginners and provide an exciting journey into RC helicopter flying at TCRC!

Curious about flying RC jets? Come down to the Tinley Creek RC Flying Club in Matteson.


Get firsthand experience of the field, meet our friendly community, and see the benefits of this exciting hobby for yourself.

We’re always happy to connect, whether it’s over email or a friendly chat at the flying field. Contact us today. 

Experienced or new RC Pilots
You're welcome here


TCRC is the perfect RC Flying Club for anyone who is interested in remote control flying. At TCRC, we welcome RC enthusiasts of all skill levels. Our members enjoy flying many types of RC aircraft, from planes and drones to jets and helicopters and FPV. You may even see a couple of control line pilots on the weekends.

Where do you fly?

We fly at the Tinley Creek Model Airplane Flying Field in Matteson, Illinois, which is part of the Cook County Forest Preserve. The field has something for everyone since it includes separate flying sections for helicopters, planes, drones, and control line flight. Spectators may sit on benches while pilots can set up in the pits.

Come Fly With Us!

Learn How to Fly RC Airplanes with TCRC

All Are Welcome to Take Flight Instruction at Our Matteson, Illinois Flying Field

Are you interested in learning how to fly RC airplanes, but don’t know where to start? The Tinley Creek Remote Control Flying Club (TCRC) offers flight instruction for people of all skill levels at our flying field located in Matteson, Illinois, a south suburb of Chicago.


Membership is not required to receive training, and all are welcome to join us and learn how to fly.

Our experienced and dedicated team of instructors will guide you through the process of learning how to fly, from your first takeoff to advanced maneuvers.


Imagine the thrill of piloting your own aircraft, soaring through the skies and performing exciting maneuvers. At TCRC, we can help you make this dream a reality. 


Come visit us at our flying field in Matteson and discover the joy of RC flying!  Have more questions?



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